Required documents

These are the different documents you'd be required to upload along the process:

  1. For each person, including children:

    1. AB1 – Citizenship Application Form

    2. AB2 – Photograph and Signature Certificate

    3. AB3 – Medical Certificate

    4. Passport application form (Form L)

    5. 8 Passport sized photographs (1 certified)

    6. Passport copy (notarized)

    7. For each person whose residence is different than nationality: Resident Stamp (Notarized)

    8. Identity Card Copy (Notarized)

    9. Birth Certificate

  2. For each person, if applicable:

    1. Marriage Certificate

    2. Divorce Certificate

    3. Military record

    4. Name Change Documentation

    5. Other supporting documents

  3. Main applicant only:

    1. AB4 – Investment Confirmation Form

    2. AB5 – Agent Form

    3. Affidavit of Source of Funds

    4. Professional Reference Letter

    5. Bank Reference Letter

    6. Utility Bill (proof of residence)

    7. Affidavit of Support (for each dependent adult)

    8. Confirmation Letter from the Institute of higher learning (for each dependent 18-25)

    9. Supporting Documents for Source of Wealth

    10. Real estate only:

      1. Reservation Agreement with receipt of reservation fee

      2. Sales/Purchase Agreement

  4. Medical Certificate: HIV (AIDS) Test Results (for each person over 12; where the mother is included in the application, and her HIV results are negative, there is no need for an HIV test for children under 12)

  5. Police Certificate (for each person 18 years and older; required from your place of birth and every country that you have lived in for over 6 months)

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