Proof of Address

Guidelines to submit your proof of residential adddress
  • Acceptable documents
    1. 1.
      Driver's license (both front and back). Must be valid (i.e. not expired).
    2. 2.
      First page of bank statement. Issued within the past 3 months. Bank balance and transaction details may be blacked out.
    3. 3.
      Utility bill. Issued within the past 3 months.
  • First name and surname must match your passport exactly
    Example: "John Apple Smith" on passport
    ✅ John Apple Smith
    ✅ John A Smith
    ✅ John Smith
    ❌ J Smith
    ❌ Johnny Smith
    ❌ Any other variations
  • Provide a translation if the document is not written in English
  • The address on the document must match the Residential Address provided above
  • Text is legible
  • No light reflections or shadows