Required Documents For The D7 Visa Application Process

It's important that you make copies of all the required documents. Also, some of these documents will be required once you arrive in Portugal. Therefore, ensure that all your documents are translated to Portuguese.

1 - The D7 Visa Application Form

When you apply for the Portugal D7 Visa, you'll need to complete the National Visa application form. While filling in your application form, ensure that the information you provide is correct. If not, your application might be rejected. A quick tip would be to double-check all the information you provide with the relevant documents you need to collect. For example, your personal information must be the same as the information on your passport.

2 - Your Valid Passport

You must present a valid passport or government-issued travel document). Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the D7 Visa you're applying for. It's recommended that your passport be valid for at least 2 years when you apply for your D7 Visa. This will leave you enough time to get your D7 Visa, enjoy your stay in Portugal, and renew your passport if necessary. Remember, you'll need to present copies of your main passport page and get it notarized.

3 - 2 Passport Sized Photographs

Ensure that your passport photos meet the following requirements.

4 - Proof Of Regular Income Or Passive Income Known As Proof Of Sufficient Funds

To qualify for the Portugal D7 Visa, you'll need to meet the minimum income requirements:

  • For the lead applicant, you'll need to present a minimum amount of €8 460 per year.

  • For dependent applicants (like a spouse), you'll need to present a minimum amount of €4 230 per year (each).

  • For any dependent children, you might have, you'll need to present a minimum of €2 538 per year child.

Keep in mind that even though this is the minimum required amount, it may be insufficient. Our experts recommend you present more.

  • Lead applicants should present around €10,000 - €12,000/year,

  • Dependant applicants should present around €5,000/year,

  • Dependant children should present €2,500/year.

5 - Proof Of Accommodation

When applying for a Portugal D7 Visa, you're applying for a temporary residency permit. Meaning, you'll need to prove to authorities where you'll be staying in Portugal. The best option is to present a rental agreement or proof that you've purchased a property in Portugal. If you plan to live with a family member, you'll need to submit an official invitation letter from the host. The host must attach a copy of their ID to the form, sign it, and get it notarized in Portugal.

Keep in mind that you need to submit a rental agreement that covers 12 months.

You always have the option to travel to Portugal before applying for your D7 Visa. This allows you to find adequate accommodation before starting your application. If you're a US citizen, you can travel to Portugal without applying for a Tourist Visa.

You'll need to provide a copy of a valid document that proves your legal residency. If you have any other relevant document that proves your legal residency in your home country, you may submit that.

7 - Get a Criminal Record Certificate from your home country

This process will be different for each country. For example, for US citizens there are 3 ways you can get your FBI Criminal Record Certificate.

Option 1 - Get It Electronically

  • Step 1 - Follow this link

  • Step 2 - Once you've opened the provided link, you'll need to follow the given instructions. To obtain your FBI Criminal Record, you'll need to submit your fingerprints. So, if you decide to send a request electronically, you can visit any one of the participating US Post Office's and submit your fingerprints electronically from there.

In the case where you decide not to submit your fingerprints electronically, you can mail your completed fingerprint card. You can find the address within the confirmation email you received. You'll also need to mail the confirmation email you received during your electronic request. Only once all your information has been received by authorities will your electronic request be processed.

Option 2 - Get It Via Mail

While filling out the application form, ensure that the details you provide are correct. If there are more than 2 applicants, each applicant must fill out and sign their own form. In addition, you'll need to include your complete mailing address, phone number, and email address. After filling out the form, you'll receive your results via the US Postal Service.

  • Step 2 - Get Your Fingerprints

You can download this form and provide your fingerprints on it. It's worth mentioning that you can't provide previous fingerprint cards. Furthermore, the fingerprints you present must be eligible. Therefore, it's recommended that you find a fingerprint technician to help you.

  • Step 3 - Make The Required Payment

You have 2 payment options:

1: Make a credit card payment using the credit card payment form. Note that you'll submit the form with your other documents that will be mailed to the appropriate address.

2: Prepare a money order or certified check of $18 payable to the US Treasury. Double-check that you've signed where you're supposed to.

  • Step 4 - Check That You Have All The Required Documents

You'll be mailing all the documents mentioned above to the appropriate address. Before you do this, ensure that you have all the required documents.

  • Step 5 - Mail All Your Documents

You'll need to mail all the documents you've collected to the following address:

FBI CJIS Division – Summary Request 1000 Custer Hollow Road Clarksburg, WV 26306

  • Step 6 - Wait For Response

Once you've completed all the steps, you'll need to wait for feedback. You'll receive feedback by First-Class Mail via the US Postal Service.

Option 3 - Get Your FBI Criminal Record Using An FBI Approved Channeler

An FBI Approved Channeler is a third-party option you can use to get your FBI Criminal Record. The service provided by these private businesses is similar to the FBI submission procedures.

8 - Request For Criminal Record Enquiry By The Immigration And Border Services

Once you're in Portugal (after a successful application), SEF will check your criminal background. You can sign and present the form provided in the link.

9 - Proof Of Valid Health Coverage

You'll need to present a valid travel insurance policy that includes medical coverage. Your medical insurance must be valid in Portugal. We recommend your insurance provide minimum coverage of €30,000 and be valid for your entire stay. Furthermore, it must cover all medical costs that may occur during your stay, such as - repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment, or death.

Once you have received your residency in Portugal, you can choose to get one of the many private medical insurances provided in Portugal.

10 - A Cover Letter Which Indicates The Reason For Your Request

You'll need to submit a letter that specifies the reason for your application. In addition, it must include all your relevant details, the date, and your signature. Your cover letter should include the following:

  • Your personal details

  • Why you're requesting a temporary residency permit for Portugal

  • Your ties to Portugal, such as family or friends residing there, owning property, having a bank account in Portugal (and the amount in that account), or the name of your landlord

  • Where do you plan to stay in Portugal

  • The type of accommodation you've acquired

  • How do you intend to get money for daily living expenses into Portugal

Baseflow will get a cover letter generated for you, and you will be able to download it from your dashboard. Alternatively, you can write your own.

Writing The Perfect Cover Letter For Your Portuguese National Type D7 Visa.

The Portuguese National Type D7 Cover Letter features all the important information that you want to communicate to the Portuguese Embassy or consulate. It should list and explain every document that you’re submitting.

Each applicant needs to include their own personal cover letter. The cover letter can be as brief as one paragraph, or as long as two pages. There is no preferred letter length. The cover letter must be signed and dated by the applicant. When applying as a family, each and every family member must have their own personalized cover letter, which has been signed and dated by them.

This is extremely important. When the embassy or consulate reviews applications, the first thing they do is to check the cover letter. The consulate would like to know and understand the intentions of the applicant wanting to relocate to Portugal.

What should be included in the statement?

  • A description of yourself, such as profession, education, and if you are retired.

  • Your reason for settling in Portugal. Examples could be: Standard of living in Portugal, communal safety, affordable rent and properties, cost of living, or climate to name a few.

  • Your ties to Portugal, such as family or friends residing in Portugal. If you own a property or plan to purchase a property in Portugal.

  • If you have a lease, then you should provide your address in the cover letter and any information related to your accommodation such as contracts.

  • How you intend to support yourself for daily living expenses in Portugal. You can show this, by providing your passive income accounts, bank statements, or any other proof of acceptable income as discussed earlier in this post.

  • Provide a summary of your financial documents. For example: bank statements in the USA, any investments, pension, mortgage, etc. In this section, you can also include your NIF number and your Portuguese bank account.

A Few Additional Things You Need To know

The documents mentioned above are the primary documents you'll need to provide during your D7 Visa application. However, in rare cases, you might be asked to present a few additional documents. These requests can include:

  • A Flight Itinerary

In some cases, you might be asked to prove that you intend to travel to Portugal for your temporary residency permit. It's essential that Portugal is your first port of entry. There, your passport will be stamped by border control. Once you're in Portugal, you'll need to attend your interview at SEF. SEF will want to see proof that you entered Portugal first, intending to attend your Residence Permit appointment.

  • A Reference In Portugal

San Francisco and Washington, DC sometimes request you to submit a reference letter from a reference in Portugal. Your reference can be a landlord, a lawyer, a family member, a person with power of attorney, a friend, a real estate agent, etc. The important thing is that your reference is an EU national or has permanent residency in Portugal. The reference letter should include the reference's name, phone number, and citizenship (include a copy of the person's national ID or residence card).

Additional documents you'll need to submit if you're traveling with your spouse and children.

  • A Marriage Certificate

If you plan to bring along your spouse with you, you'll need to provide a marriage certificate. Remember to get it notarized and translated. Keep the original and translated copy with you.

  • A Birth Certificate

If you plan to bring along a dependent minor, you'll need to present a birth certificate. As with the marriage certificate, it's better to get it notarized and translated for when you need it in Portugal.

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