Passive Income Requirements

For your D7 Visa application to be successful, you need to provide proof of your financial stability. Your passive income must be able to support you fully, without you relying on your salary income. Although there is no minimum requirement for your net worth, Portuguese immigrant authorities may ask that you submit proof of your additional savings.

Passive income that is considered eligible includes:

  • Pension

  • Real estate

  • Transferable equity

  • Royalties

  • Intellectual property

  • Earnings from long term, fixed-rate financial investment

  • Dividends are accepted, provided that you do not work for the company

  • Interest from adequate savings

Applications with savings alone and no other form of income are less likely to be accepted, even if you have hundreds of thousands in savings. There are exceptions, and it may depend a little on the consulate you apply through, your age, and pure luck, but overall this is a more challenging route than having a regular, steady income.

What almost all of these forms of income have in common is that they are a type of income that’s stable and regularly paid out. A pension is probably the most common example of this, as dividends could fluctuate or a tenant may not pay their rent, and this is probably why the Portuguese government has focused on attracting pensioners. But basically, the aim of this visa is to find people that have their own source of stable income – from a pension to a salary from a job in another country – which allows the person to live in Portugal and that’s unlikely to dry up and mean they need assistance from the Portuguese state.

For your application to be approved, you need to satisfy the minimum passive income requirements. We recommend treating this as an absolute minimum requirement.

Passive Income Requirements For Single Applicants

Single applicants need to generate and provide proof of a passive derived income of at least €705 per month or €8 460 per year.

Passive Income Requirements For Married Couples

When applying for the D7 Visa as a married couple, the minimum passive income required for a dependent adult is 50%. An additional €352,5 per month is required for the dependent adult. This equals a total of €4 230 per year for your spouse. So, for yourself and your spouse (or dependant adult), you'll need a total of €12 690 per year.

Passive Income Requirements For Dependent Children

The minimum passive income required for children under 18 equals €211,5 per month or a yearly amount of €2 538. This amount is equivalent to around 30% of the primary applicant's total required passive income.

Passive Income Requirements For Elderly Parents

Applicants who have financially dependent parents can apply for their parent's dependency residency status. Applicants must house and support them fully (meaning you or your spouse's parents have to live with you). You can only apply after you have moved and settled.

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