🇪🇸For Spanish residents

What to do to stop being a legal and tax resident in Spain (after you move to Portugal)

There are some steps that you should take after you move to Portugal to let the Spanish government agencies know that you are no longer living there and, therefore, you're not a tax resident.

First, you have to go email a Spanish embassy in your new country. In Portugal, you can email the Spanish Embassy in Lisbon at [email protected] You just need to send them:

  • Formulario de inscripción como Residente con foto incluida

  • Formulario PERE/CERA

  • Copia del DNI y/o pasaporte

  • Justificante de dirección: certificado CRUE, atestado de residencia de la freguesia o factura de algún servicio doméstico.

You'll find all these documents on your Baseflow dashboard.

Second, you must send the Modelo 030 to denominate your new place to receive fiscal notifications. You can do this on the only portal of Hacienda.

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