Non-Habitual-Resident (NHR) Special Tax Regime

Additionally, and regarding the register as a Non-Habitual Resident ("NHR"), to qualify as such you must:a) Be registered as a Portuguese tax resident in the relevant year;b) Has not been considered as a Portuguese tax resident in the past five years; andc) Apply for the NHR regime until 31st march, of the year following the one when you become a tax resident.Under the NHR Regime, if your activity is considered as high added-value, you could be subject to a fixed rate of 20% of Personal Income Tax, instead of the general progressive rates which vary between 14,5% to 53%.I hereby send you the List of high added-value activities (Portaria n.º 230/2019), which lists the main codes of activities, and the "Classificação Portuguesa de Profissões" with the retrospectives subcodes as well as the explanation of each activity roles.

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