Green Receipts Invoice System

What are Recibos Verdes in Portugal?

Recibos verdes means green receipts or invoices. This is the way freelancers officially invoice clients and declare income for tax and social security. You need these recibos verdes to know how much you must pay monthly for social security and how much you must pay for income tax (IRS). After you have successfully registered as a freelancer and have access to your Portal das Financias (tax platform online), you can start issuing recibos verdes.

How to Invoice Clients Using Recibos Verdes

  1. Go to the Portal das Financas and log in with your NIF and password.

  2. Under services, pick “Faturas e Recibos Verdes” and then “Emitir”.

  3. You will then choose between a “Fatura ou Fatura-Recibo” which is the classic recibo verde and a “Recibo” (this is a receipt if you have already sent the bill and want to confirm you received the money).

  4. You then choose the service or activity you provided and the date of the service.

  5. Insert the client’s Portuguese tax number known as NIF. If your client is not in Portugal, select their country first and then fill in their tax number.

  6. Under the “Importância recebida a título de:” you can choose “pagamento dos bens ou dos services” (payment of goods and services). This field just asks why you are charging your client.

  7. Then describe the service in the “Descricao” box.

  8. Insert the value in “Valor Base”.

  9. Select the VAT (IVA) regiment under the field “Regime de IVA”. This is either exempt or normal, we will address this later on.

  10. Under the “Base de Incidencia em IRS” choose “isento” (exempt) if you did not make more than €10,000 or choose 100% if you made more than that a year.

  11. The “Imposto de Selo” (tax stamp) is usually 0.

  12. Then just click the blue “Emitir” button, print the document, sign it, and send it to your client! All done!

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