General Visa Requirements For The D7 Visa

You’ll Need A Portuguese NIF (Tax number)

Baseflow will get you a Portuguese tax number. It can be done remotely by a power of attorney without you entering Portugal. Without a Portuguese tax number, you can't carry out any fiscal activities in the country.

You’ll Need A Portuguese Bank Account

Once you have a NIF, you can open a Portuguese bank account remotely. Single applicants must ensure they have a minimum of €7 000 deposited in their bank account. Married couples are required to have a minimum amount of €10 500+ deposited into their bank account. To open a bank account, we recommend using Revolut or

You’ll Need To Prove Financial Self-Sufficiency

To obtain a Portuguese residency visa, you will need to prove that you are financially stable and can provide for yourself (and your spouse if relevant) while staying in Portugal. The Portuguese immigration authorities will request that you provide all relevant documents (recurring income, or significant savings, or a combination of the two) as proof.

More on income requirements are below.

You’ll Need To Provide Proof Of Accommodation

You are required to secure adequate accommodation before you travel to Portugal. Although you do not need to buy property, you need to have a long-term rental lease (minimum 12 months).

You Must Have Full Health Insurance

The primary applicant, including any dependents, must have comprehensive EU-wide health insurance. Take note that the medical cover must be paid for in advance (12 months). Each applicant must have a minimum medical insurance worth €30 000.

You Must Have Clean Criminal Record

Without a clean criminal record, your application will be unsuccessful. Ensure that you obtain your criminal record from your home country in time before you start the application process.

You Must Meet The Minimum Stay Requirement

When staying in Portugal, you'll need to meet the minimum stay requirements to keep your residency status.

  • Initial Residency Permit - At least 16 months per 2 - year period (being absent for more than 6 consecutive months could lead to your permit being revoked)

  • Subsequent Residency Permit - At least 28 months per 3 - year period (being absent for more than 6 consecutive months could lead to your permit being revoked)

  • Permanent Residency Permit - At least 30 months per 5 - year period (being absent for more than 24 consecutive months could lead to your permit being revoked)

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