Process Overview

These are the different steps you should expect along the process:

  1. Submit all the required information and documents during your application

  2. Sign a Power of Attorney with a local lawyer

  3. Receive Portuguese tax ID (NIF)

  4. This will get you ready to open a bank account and buy/rent real estate

  5. Get health insurance (although Portugal has one of the best healthcare systems in the world).

  6. If needed, go to a Portuguese embassy/consulate to get your visa and then to the SEF once in Portugal

  7. Go to your local City Hall to receive your Residency Certificate. Upload it to Baseflow

  8. Get registred on the Portuguese tax authority's website

  9. Get your tax residency address changed to Portugal

  10. Receive the status of Portuguese resident 🎉

  11. Receive NHR status (before your first tax filings) for the special tax benefits

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